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Robin A. Clancy

I decided to start with the purpose of sharing my knowledge with anyone who cares to listen. The VMware technology is something that keeps on progressing and improving by the day, and here you will find the latest news to keep you up to date.

Robin A. Clancy
vsphere 6 end of life
VMware vSphere 6 End of Life – Now What?
Reading Time: 4 minutes VMware already terminated general support for vSphere 6 (vSphere 6.0) on March 12, 2020, suggesting that users must update their versions to vSphere 6.5 or vSphere 6.7. But now, everything will change after VMware decided to terminate the updates for these versions. The official date for end of general support for VMware vSphere 6.5 and […]
memory ballooning vmware
Understanding Memory Ballooning VMware
Reading Time: 3 minutes Memory Ballooning is a method to manage memory in VMware and other hypervisors. The method is characterized as a system with features that can be implemented into most virtualization software. Memory management techniques, such as memory pages and other techniques, aim to effectively use physical memory for virtual servers. Thus, memory management is a critical […]
clone esxi vm
Cloning Virtual Machines – How to Clone an Existing VMware ESXi VM
Reading Time: 4 minutes Before you clone ESXi VM, you must consider if the cloning process is available through the vCenter Server. But to clone a virtual machine in ESXi, you need the full ESXi version. Unfortunately, the free version limits your ability to clone virtual machines through vCenter. So you will have to go through the CLI (command […]
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