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Robin A. Clancy

I decided to start with the purpose of sharing my knowledge with anyone who cares to listen. The VMware technology is something that keeps on progressing and improving by the day, and here you will find the latest news to keep you up to date.

Robin A. Clancy
What does VMDK?
Reading Time: 4 minutes VMDK – VMware Virtual Machine Disk File is a virtual disk file that is practically used to store the contents of virtual hard disks. It is an open file format that includes all the information regarding the virtual machine. VMDK is generally used for virtualization and cloud computing. A virtual disk having a VMDK file […]
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What is ESXi arm?
Reading Time: 4 minutes Shortly after VMworld 2020, the VMware ESXi ARM was released. It became an instant topic worldwide, and the ARM ESXi community was launched. ESXi ARM allows VMware ESXi hypervisor to be launched on ARM platforms such as: Avantek workstation and server (Ampere eMAG); Lenovo ThinkSystem HR330A and HR350A (Ampere eMAG); SolidRun Honeycomb LX2; Raspberry Pi […]
what is drs vmware
What Is DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) VMware
Reading Time: 4 minutes There is so much talk about what is DRS VMware. Distributed Resource Scheduler is a technology that drives your virtual machine pleased. DRS frequently monitors your cluster utilization and ensures that your VMs will get their resources the most effective way. Once you know what DRS VMware is, you will be able to reap the […]
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