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Robin A. Clancy

I decided to start with the purpose of sharing my knowledge with anyone who cares to listen. The VMware technology is something that keeps on progressing and improving by the day, and here you will find the latest news to keep you up to date.

Robin A. Clancy
What is VM Migration - Virtual Machine Migration
What is VM Migration – Virtual Machine Migration
Reading Time: 4 minutes VM migration is transferring a virtual machine from one physical hardware field to another. It is an element of managing hardware virtualization systems and is something providers see as they offer virtualization services. An essential part of migrating a virtual machine is copying the XML configuration of the VM to another host machine. If the […]
What is VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS)?
What is VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS)?
Reading Time: 4 minutes To define VMSF, we need to understand that Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) is a scalable, symmetrically clustered, high-performance virtual machine hosting (VM) file system for shared block storage. It implements a clustered locking protocol using only storage connections and does not require network communication between nodes between hosts participating in the VMFS cluster. The […]
esxi lockdown mode
VMware ESXi Lockdown Mode
Reading Time: 4 minutes VMware ESXi lockdown mode can increase the security of the ESXi host by restricting access to the host. To make your ESXi hosts more secure, you can put them in what is already known as lockdown mode. When the lockdown mode is enabled, the ESXi host can only be accessed via the vCenter Server or […]
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